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Prominence traffic impact study inadequate

posted May 3, 2018, 8:01 PM by Richard Llewellyn   [ updated May 3, 2018, 9:41 PM ]

GOOD NEWS! ACHD has found the CBH/Trilogy 'Prominence' (or is it 'Problemence') traffic impact study inadequate. There will be no May ACHD hearing!
From ACHD:

"There will not be an ACHD hearing for Prominence Subdivision on May 23rd, as was previously discussed as a “tentative” date. The applicant is continuing to work through the Traffic Impact Study process and at this time we do not have a timeline."

Traffic has clearly increased even since last November as the last pastures in eastern Eagle are converted into housing and Eagle pushes north and west. The expansion at Avimor into a small city, and if @Save the Dry Creek Valley! isn't successful, another 1800 households a few miles to the north, will bring a tsunami of traffic onto Hill Rd. This will be far greater than the 2% increase in traffic assumed by ACHD each year. Already we need new traffic counts during the school year.

It isn't surprising that 'Problemence's' plan to add three new entrances onto Hill Rd Pkwy is raising eyebrows at ACHD. Those of us in the neighborhood watch loaded semi trucks hurl down the Pkwy at 50 mph making almost 50 round trips a day to the landfill from the Meridian Transfer Station ALONE!