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W. Shields Ave Update

posted Jan 18, 2019, 12:13 PM by Richard Llewellyn
We talked with the developers at length on Wednesday night. This time they had the plat that they would submit with their application, as well as images of the look of the houses they plan on building -- the 'modern' flat and square style that has made its rounds to Boise. Immediate neighbors to the east were assured that everything would be done to save trees (though not 'diseased' ones, which could be over diagnosed, or 'elms' though they couldn't say which species of elm). The houses on the east border have the deepest backyards which will make a bigger buffer between the new development and allow space for the trees. They plan on a private road running from Shields to the end of the parcels near the Spoils Bank Canal. This road will grant a public easement for the long term goal of creating a path along the waterway. They are also planning on leaving the existing house on the western parcel along Shields, though the one to the east that is in poor shape will be landfilled.

My (your neighborhood president R Llewellyn's) thoughts -- it is another big change for that area. Traffic increase from this development shouldn't be considered alone, but that is what ACHD and the city does -- the cumulative impact of smaller developments are not considered. The shallow irrigation ditch with the unique sinuous concrete form (I remember playing in this as a small kid) will be lost, as is happening in much of our neighborhood (running water is beautiful above ground!). On the positive side, I am happy the existing house is being kept, as that will lessen the visual impact to the neighborhood and avoid landfilling yet another nice old house. They also have taken some neighbors concerns into account with the layout and larger backyards to the east. Finally, the granting of a public easement along the private road is a good step for the long term of the area, though it would have been better if they had also created a public natural space of their own to complement the canal. We'll watch with immediate neighbors as it moves through the permitting process.

If you have concerns or thoughts please contact us.