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Apartments, townhouses, CBH sprawl

posted Jan 19, 2018, 4:43 PM by Richard Llewellyn   [ updated Jan 23, 2018, 9:51 AM ]
A plan only a developer could love.
Neighbors gazing at the developers' plan for 310 units on existing farmland as the future of our neighborhood.  North is facing the single water glass (upper left), Duncan Lane is on the edge of the plan (near edge), Bogart Lane on the far edge.  The two lanes of Hill Road Parkway run through the center.  The proposal has three entrances onto the Parkway -- a full entrance at Duncan to service a single row of 2 story townhouses, and two single lane entrances.  Another two entrances on Bogart and one on Duncan will allow traffic to enter the Parkway and contribute to the congestion along Hill Road or at Gary and State.

The eastern portion of the proposal -- Old Hill Road to the north (top), Bogart Lane on left.  The 3 story apartments and 2 story townhouses will block existing views of the foothills for those neighbors living just south of the drain ditch. 
How to make a blind curve even worse?  Add a second full entrance!  This western portion of the proposal includes a full entrance onto both lanes of Hill Road Parkway in order to cram the small irrigated field to the north with townhouses.  Duncan Lane along the top edge (west).  North to right.