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posted Mar 24, 2018, 10:07 AM by Richard Llewellyn   [ updated Mar 24, 2018, 10:13 AM ]
Hearing will include CBH/Trilogy's Sabana proposal in SW Boise/Ada County this Wed 6 pm!  Here's NWNA's plan:

1) Submit a comment to ACHD supporting upholding policy for our roadways and traffic (see below).
2) Attend the hearing!  Decorum is essential.  We are there to politely show support.
3) NWNA leadership will make a brief statement at the hearing, and may ask you to stand to show your support.
4) We suggest that you do not testify at this hearing, unless you have concerns specifically to the Victory Rd / Cloverdale area.

Each big development must go through ACHD (Ada County Highway Department) for approval before going to the city Planning and Zoning.  Earlier this year, our elected ACHD Commissioners decided not to grant CBH/Trilogy a waiver to their existing policy that roads must be able to handle the additional traffic generated by a new development.  This denial of a waiver to policy was unprecedented, and unpopular among developers. We as the public need to show our support of existing policy and the Commissioners that uphold it!  

i) Here is a link to the ACHD Comment form:

(Note -- you may need to copy / paste these website urls into your browser if links do not work.)

The comment form has a Subject box -- one might use “Thank you for upholding ACHD policy for the Sabana Subdivision proposal.”  There is also a Point of Reference box --  use “4585 E. Victory Road”
Finally, there is a Category dropdown -- use Other.

Here is a sample comment:

Dear ACHD Commissioners,

I am writing you today to express my strong support of your recent decision to uphold existing ACHD policy regarding level of service and safety during your consideration of the Sabana subdivision proposal at 4585 E. Victory Road.  ACHD policy exists in order to ensure safe conditions on our roadways, and I have become increasingly concerned with safety as the level of traffic has increased substantially on many roads as our county undergoes unprecedented growth.  There may have been reason to grant policy waivers during the economic crisis--indeed, many exceptions were made to public policy around the nation in order to recover from the Great Recession.  Now, however, maintaining adequate roadways for our safety, as well as our quality of life, should take precedence over all other concerns.  I understand that it may be unpopular to return to policy now that waivers have been granted with some frequency, but it is exactly at this time of rapid growth that upholding policy is essential.  It is also sound fiscal policy to collect funding for necessary road improvements before allowing development to proceed.  If funding is not available, I support delaying approval of developments until that funding can be secured, rather than granting exceptions to policy, which is essentially borrowing from the future.  If delaying approval of developments until roadway improvements can be made is not acceptable to all parties, we must have a frank public discussion about the need for more funding, whether by increasing property taxes on existing residents, or increasing the impact fees paid by developers.  Ada County residents will support our ACHD Commissioners in continuing to make the difficult decision to uphold existing policy for the long term benefit of all.
Your name

ii) Here is a link to the Mar 28 Hearing Agenda:

iii) If you want more detailed information, here is a link to ACHD's report for the Sabana proposal:

The hearing is this Wed 6pm sharp (don't be late!) at the ACHD building in Garden City: 3775 Adams St.  You can sign in and mark that you do or do not (suggested unless you have specific concerns about Sabana) want to testify.