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New development planned along Hill Rd Pkwy

posted Jan 7, 2018, 7:33 AM by North West Neighborhood Association   [ updated Jan 7, 2018, 7:52 AM ]

Corey Barton Homes and Trilogy plan to start building in the Old Hill Road area, moving from State and Bogart to the fields between Duncan and Bogart Lanes along both sides of the Hill Road Parkway in this last connection between the foothills and farmland. Their plan calls for more than 300 units including houses and apartments. Currently this area is zoned for 2.1 houses per acre.

Do you think that the boom in growth in NW Boise is coming at the expense of our quality of life, open spaces, wildlife, and rural countryside? Are you concerned with school overcrowding? Is traffic becoming a concern?  This development plans to dump more traffic onto Hill Road Parkway, much of which will enter downtown via Hill Road or add to the congestion at Gary Lane and State Street.


-- Follow us on Facebook @ Old Hill Road and @ North West Neighborhood Association of Boise.

-- Sign the online petition at and send this link to your friends and neighbors, or (don’t sign both online and paper).

-- Sign a paper petition that you can download at and get friends and neighbors to sign.

-- Write the Mayor and City Council members telling them how you appreciate the open space, rural character, wildlife, opportunities for walking and cycling in this area as it exists today.

-- Give written and/or oral testi

mony at the upcoming public hearings for rezoning.-- Talk to your neighbors, family, and friends. This area is appreciated for its unique character by all of Boise.

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