Our Mission

Our mission, in a nutshell, is to help our neighborhood be a neighborhood in the real sense of the word, a local community rather than a mere collection of houses and people.  In order to do so, we must define, establish, and protect our recently annexed area of Boise.  
Part of our responsibility is to communicate to the city what we as a neighborhood want.  The first big step in that task is to participate in the preparation of a formal neighborhood plan, which should be used as a guideline by the city as it evaluates land use decisions and plans.  Many of us have memories of what we have been, observations on what we are today, and ideas on we want to become.  We need to bring those many perspectives together to form a collective vision for the people within our neighborhood boundaries. 
Writing a plan, however, is just one of many aspects to our job.   A neighborhood plan is just a guideline, and, like Blueprint Boise, is often overlooked by both private interests and public agencies.  Therefore, we must also develop the power to protect our neighborhood, and the cohesion to work through challenges together.
Like many areas that are designated as 'neighborhoods' from the outside, today, in reality, we consist of many smaller localities that have clear shared interests, histories, and concerns.  One of our first steps must be to bring these localities together to develop a common sense of belonging.  Ideas and energy along these lines are most appreciated!

That's a start, folks!