2022 Annual Meeting

2022 DATE: Thursday November 17, 2022 @ 7:00 pm. Location TBD


  1. 6: 15 pm Sign in with name and address -- voting open to residents, business licensees, property owners, and nonprofit representatives within our Boundaries -- East of Gary Lane, West of Horseshoe Bend Rd, South of Farmers Union Canal, North of State Street

  2. Treasurer's Report

  3. Prominence Appeal to Idaho Supreme Court: Discussion and Membership Vote

    1. See reasons for Appeal below

  4. Elections -- 7 Board seats for 2 year terms and Officers

    1. 2 Open Seats! -- please feel free to contact NWNA for any questions about Board responsibilities and/or the Election!

  5. Brief Updates:

    1. Fund Raising

    2. State Street Urban Renewal

    3. Pollinator Restoration

    4. City Council Elections and District Voting

  6. Close

  7. Informal Discussions

Reasons for the Appeal of the District Court Ruling on the Prominence Application, as Filed Sept 23, 2021

The issues on appeal include, without limitation, the following:

a. Whether the district court erred in upholding the Boise City Council’s decision overturning the planning and zoning commission’s denial of a planned unit

development application.

b. Whether the district court erred when it affirmed that Boise City Council’s application decisions did not violate statute, were not made on unlawful procedure, and were not made in excess of the council’s authority.

c. Whether the district court erred when it concluded that North West Neighborhood Association waived challenge to the City Council’s unlawful procedure and

violation of law;

d. Whether the district court erred in concluding that the procedure on the development applications did not violate the North West Neighborhood Association's right to due process;

e. Whether the district court erred in holding that the City Council issued an adequate reasoned statement as required by the Local Land Use Planning Act.